Pay your solar power up-front to enjoy more savings and peace of mind. More Solar Energy’s full amount lease is straightforward. With this prepaid solar lease, you are guaranteed 25 years of worry-free electricity by making one up-front payment.

You need not think about the dreadful paperwork and processing because we got it all covered for you. We will take care of the permits and paperwork and facilitate all aspects of your solar system installation.

Maximize this pay now, save later options for you and your family. It comes with a warranty, rate hike protection, and full service. Enjoy free maintenance and free monitoring throughout the package.

You can even pair your solar-powered system with a home battery if you like. Leave the rising costs of electricity and go solar.

What is a solar lease, and how is it different from PPA?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) lets you pay a fixed and often cheaper price for a solar system. You neither lease nor own the solar system. Instead, the PPA company installs it in your residence and sells the electricity it produces at an agreed-upon amount. Meanwhile, a solar lease allows you to pay a fixed monthly rental of a home solar-powered system.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels last between 25 to 30 years or more. However, this does not mean that these panels will stop producing electricity after decades. It only means that their energy production will decline. Nonetheless, with proper maintenance and care, you can receive solar production for the next 30 years.

Can I enjoy more perks if I include a solar storage service?

Yes. Our home solar battery storage service which is Brightbox, can help power through outages day and night. It could help you save money compared to generators. It has no noise and no fumes.