Since we are in a world crisis brought about by the CoViD-19 pandemic, the safest place to be is at home. Hence, the average household energy consumption has been rising for the past year. It increases the chances of a grid overload which may lead to power outages or blackouts.

Moreover, the majority of our electric grid is old-fashioned and susceptible to extreme weather conditions. Fortunately, home solar batteries are here to help put the power back in our homes.

Get Fixed Rates

Solar devices give you both emotional and financial peace of mind since they have low rates for a fixed amount of time. However, if you opt to purchase it outright, that would be much better.

Pay Less and Save More

Currently, our economy is not that stable anymore, especially that we are in a health crisis. Switching to home solar power can be the best decision for several people. You are guaranteed to pay less per kilowatt-hour for clean and renewable solar energy than when you buy electricity from a utility company.


Protection for the Entire Family

During power outages or blackouts, people are often dependent on generators. Still, now you can use solar batteries to power up your home. Keep your food chilled in the fridge and have your household appliances continue operating with these affordable solar innovations.

Alternative to Unsafe Generators

You can always check for solar leasing options in your area if you desire to switch to solar panels and batteries. Enjoy solar services in the convenience of your home and get free monitoring and maintenance from your provider.

Companies are now offering cheap to no down payment at all. You can also make use of tax rebates and other promotions to save money.

Solar power is indeed convenient and practical these days. Switch to solar now!

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